IMD Livable Centers

The Houston International Management District

The Texas Legislature created the Houston International Management District (IMD) in 2007 with the goal of transforming part of the Alief neighborhood into a destination that supports and develops both its business and residential communities.


IMD Facts

The IMD is home to almost 99,000 people in a district that is only 12 square miles, making it one of most densely populated areas in Houston. Not only is IMD unique for its density, but it is also one of the most culturally diverse areas in the city. There is a variety of strong cultural identities all within the district that have unique representation through local businesses and places of worship. Because of the growing population in this district and need for connectivity, IMD is conducting a livable centers study to determine how the area can be transformed into a community where people can live, work and play with less reliance on their car for transportation. The vision for transforming IMD is to increase walkability and connectivity in a way that embraces local culture to make this area a destination within Houston.

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Livable Centers

While all Livable Centers are distinctive, they all are based on similar concepts of development, such as:



Connecting residences, stores and office spaces through mixed-use developments


Improving access to transit and multiple transportation modes, including roadways, walking and biking


Enhancing streetscapes, sidewalks and overall community aesthetics


Expanding housing and employment opportunities


Creating a public engagement strategy that encourages stakeholder involvement in the formation of the plan


2019 Study

The IMD is conducting a livable centers study that will combine knowledge from previous studies with community engagement to understand the needs of the District. Through this study, IMD will formulate strategies and identify necessary changes to the area that will transform it into a destination that embraces its international characteristics.